10 Best Invisible Hearing Aids With Price in India

10 Best Invisible Hearing Aids With Price in India – Hearing aids play an important role in bringing comfort and support to people with hearing disabilities. With the upgrade in hearing technology and the latest advancements, invisible hearing aids have transformed the hearing experience for people with partial or complete hearing loss. Zeneth Healthcare has brought to you the 10 Best Invisible Hearing Aids With Prices in India to help you choose the best hearing aid for your comfort. This list will simplify choosing the best invisible hearing aid, specific to your hearing needs. 

Invisible hearing aids offer a more natural sound experience and are less likely to pick up wind noise. With so many brands available in the market it can be confusing to find the most comforting and best fitted invisible hearing aid in the Indian market. These 10 Best Invisible Hearing Aids With Prices in India will give you a clear idea of the current market scenario of hearing aids. Go through the list to gain useful insights on the price and key features of the best invisible hearing aids available in India. 

10 Best Invisible Hearing Aids With Price in India

Explore 10 Best Invisible Hearing Aids With Price in India

Choosing the best invisible hearing aid largely depends on your hearing loss, the shape of your ear canal, and your personal preferences about hearing aids. Many international brands such as Widex, Phonak, Oticon, Starkey, and ReSound offer custom-molded products that are designed to be virtually invisible inside the ear. At Zeneth Healthcare you will find custom-fit invisible hearing aids of different brands at the best price. 

Our team of audiologists at Zeneth Healthcare ensures that you get the best price and custom-made design of your preferred invisible hearing aid. Explore the 10 Best Invisible Hearing Aids With Prices in India with the table given below. 

Hearing Aid

Price / Pair




Starkey Genesis AI Custom INR 48,000 Disposable (IIC) 3 years Some sizes
Oticon Own INR 2,54,990 Disposable (IIC) 3 years Some sizes
Signia Silk INR  41,990 Rechargeable 3 years No
Eargo INR 215,516 Rechargeable 1-2 years No
Sony CRE-C10 Hearing Aid INR 83,088 Disposable 1 Year No
MDHearing Mini INR 41,336 Rechargeable 1 Year No
Oticon Ria Pro IIC  INR 37,000 Disposable (IIC) 3 Years  Some Sizes
Phonak Virto V50-Nano IIC  INR 41,900 Disposable (IIC) 3 Years  Some Sizes 
Signia Insio 2px IIC  INR 39,480 Disposable (IIC) 3 Years  Some Sizes 
Phonak Virto V90-Nano IIC  INR 1,97,00 Disposable (IIC) 3 Years  No 

Pros of Choosing Invisible (IIC) hearing Aids

As technology gets smarter and smaller, hearing aids are becoming less and less visible. People are choosing invisible hearing aids for their cosmetic appeal and natural sound quality. The placement of invisible hearing aids inside the ear also provides some protection against wind noise to make the hearing experience more clear. Most of the invisible hearing aids are custom-fitted to sit deep inside the ear canal, making them less noticeable compared to other types of hearing aids. 

With their small size and proper fitting invisible hearing aids are comfortable to wear for a longer time. You can choose from these 10 Best Invisible Hearing Aids With Prices in India to enhance your hearing experience. Some of the key benefits of invisible hearing aids are briefed below: 

  • Small and discreet style
  • More natural sound experience 
  • Do not pick up wind noise 
  • Custom-fitted (more comfortable for most users)
  • No external tubes/wires

Trust Zeneth Healthcare for the Best Invisible Hearing Aids in India

Zeneth Healthcare is a well-known and reliable invisible hearing aid dealer in Chandigarh, Mohali, Zirakpur, and other prominent locations across India. At Zeneth Healthcare you can choose from a diverse style, fit, comfort, features, sound quality, lifestyle, hearing needs, and telecoils of your hearing aids.  All our deliveries are made on time and our customer support team is ever ready to hear out your queries and offer specific and highly curated hearing care solutions. 

You can choose from a wide array of hearing aids available at an affordable price range. We are a team of speech and hearing experts offering affordable and specific hearing care solutions. Our team is ready to cater to all your hearing requirements and provide services such as speech therapy, hearing assessment, and speech assessment, and offer the most suitable hearing aid device of your preferred choice. 

Key Benefits of Choosing Zeneth Healthcare 

1. The most affordable range of invisible hearing aids at the best price in India 

2. An authorized dealer of many top international hearing aid brands 

3. Relentless commitment to customer satisfaction

4. Transparent pricing structure and no hidden charges

5. Customized hearing aid solutions based on the unique needs and preferences of each customer.

An Overview of the Models of Hearing Aid

For a better understanding of the 10 Best Invisible Hearing Aids With Price in India, here is a brief introduction of the following listed hearing aids that benefit people with hearing loss.

Starkey Genesis AI Custom- It starts at Rs 70000 and offers a premium quality hearing experience. This is a hearing aid you can use in your daily routine. This is best for mild to profound hearing loss.

Oticon OwnSignia Silk: The hearing aid helps in reducing several levels of hearing disorder.

Brand Name Oticon
Model Silk 1px Click CIC
Type Click CIC
Digital / Programmable Digital Programmable
No.of Channels 16
Battery Type 10
GAIN / OP 50/113

Eargo- The brand severs more affordable hearing aids with the benefit of the highest quality. It can make your hearing experience profoundly well.

Sony CRE-C10 Hearing Aid- This is a brand of hearing aid that offers the longest battery life that goes up to 70 hours. It is customized and its easy app control offers various features.

MDHearing Mini- It is a US-based hearing aid that offers the treatment of hearing loss with its premium quality and the best audio.

Oticon Ria Pro IIC- STarts at INR 37000, the Oticon Ria Pro IIC hearing aid serves the experience of natural hearing experience. This benefits the person with stable hearing conditions.

Phonak Virto V50-Nano IIC- This is a comprehensive hearing aid that benefits teh person with teh treatment of profound hearing loss. It is stable in amplifying the sound in the ear.

Signia Insio 2px IIC- It’s an invisible hearing aid that provides customized solutions. The aid is nano inside and cannot be seen by teh people. Its comfortable fit gives the best experience.

Phonak Virto V90-Nano IIC- This provides the amplifying experience of sound and is easy to wear.

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