Holiday Hearing Aid Trials

With the holidays around the corner it’s likely you’ll be spending a lot more time with friends and family. It’s in these social settings where hearing aids can make a remarkable difference in your life. If you find you are struggling to follow a conversation around the dinner table or at a busy holiday party, hearing aids may be able to help you in a meaningful way. Around this time of year I strongly encourage my patients who are considering hearing aids to take them for a trial period.


We are able to provide most patients with a hearing aid trial on the same day that a hearing test is performed. Using the latest digital programmable hearing aids, we can customise a set of trial hearing aids for you as if they were your own.


A hearing aid trial typically lasts two weeks. If you decide they are for you, then when you return your trial hearing aids, you will leave the same day with your brand-new hearing aids. If you decide, for whatever reason, that hearing aids aren’t for you, simply return them to the clinic at the end of your trial period with no further obligation.


Whether you are new to hearing aids or you currently use hearing aids and would like to know if newer aids could benefit you, an at-home hearing aid trial is an easy way to find out, and there is no better time to put them to the test than during the busy holiday period. Get engaged with the conversation this holiday  season — we promise that you, your friends and your family will notice all the benefits of hearing aids.


If you would like to make an appointment to discuss whether trial hearing aids are right for you, please contact the office to make an appointment.
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