Speech Therapy in Chandigarh- A speech issue arises for many reasons. The most affecting factor is the problem in the brain. The brain is a house to nerves, there are some helps in the functioning of facial muscles, larynx, and vocal cords. If the improper function is noticed in the facial muscles, they will respond negatively to the speech. A child may experience an unwelcoming response while trying the new words.

Commonly a child’s first words are “mama” ‘papa” or ‘dada”. The words with a common sound “Aa” are the first. When a child crosses 18 months, he starts to speak and understand other sounds. By the age of 2 years, a child tries to speak 2 works together. If the responses are well, it states the positive function of facial muscles but in case the child’s response towards the words is poor, he then requires professional help from a speech therapist. If you are a native of Chandigarh or a resident of the your search for Speech Therapy in Chandigarh ends here.

Speech Therapy in Chandigarh

Zeneth Healthcare is a reputed clinic for Speech Therapy in Chandigarh. We have experienced speech therapists who are known to offer the best results to the child.  We offer speech therapy to both normal children and intellectually challenged children. At our Speech Therapy clinic, you will find a therapist who specializes in offering speech therapy to adults.

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is a clinical procedure conducted on children or people who face trouble with speaking words. This is conducted in two various cases, either the words are unclear or a person is unable to speak the words.

An example of wrong formation word-

Instead of “Paani” a child will pronounce “Aani”.

If a child is intellectually challenged he will face trouble in understanding and speaking his works but if the child is normal, a common problem faced will be wrong pronunciation. Often normal children are unable to grab the alphabet sounds such as “P”, “L”, etc.

In speech therapy, the ability of a person to speak properly is enhanced. A speech therapy taken by a special therapist will help a person speak their thoughts. people with hearing disability also require speech therapy because of the poor sound understanding responses.

At Zeneth Healthcare, we not only offer you a speech therapy treatment but also the facility of customised hearing aids. For a person with speech disorders, if a better quality ear machine is provided, the results will be tremendous. he will respond to speech therapy more positively.

Improvements in Speech Therapy

If you notice a change in your speech or recognize your child is unable to speak the common words clearly, you need a healthcare professional. Speech Therapy in Chandigarh is offered by the best Zeneth Healthcare. We start with the early screening of the speech assessment and then begin with the follow-ups of the treatment. There are several tests conducted especially with people with hearing disorders and then we begin with the treatment.
Our treatment involves facial muscle exercises, oral motor exercises, vibration in the mouth, bubble blowing, etc. Here are some improvements you will notice in the child after the regular assessment of speech therapy.

  • Communication skill development is also called early language skills.
  • Fluent speaking of the sentences.
  • Clarity in the pronunciation.
  • Willingness to speak.

Taking the speech therapy from Zeneth Healthcare is beneficial as we have experienced audiologists who can help in further treatment if the child faces problems in communication.

Reasons Behind Delayed Speech

The speech disorder has several reasons. Early days the delayed speech problem was not very common as people had time to interact with children. Digitalization was less and more often the verbal communication was given priority. Apart from medical reasons, other factors respond to speech delay. If a child is normal, facing speech delay is mostly because of the excessive use of mobile phones that we provide to the children at the early stage.

Yes, you read that right. Cell phone use, and watching videos is one of the reason. This affects the children’s communication, hearing abilities, and eyesight. The less verbal communication is there, the more chance are the for the speech delay.

Medical reason for delayed speech,

  • Deformed frenulum
  • Lip or palate problems
  • Hearing disability
  • Psycologicvval issues
  • Psychosocial factors (School)
  • Auditory processing disorder
  • Childhood apraxia
  • Premature birth
  • Cognitive impairment

Speech Therapy in Chandigarh by Zeneth Healthcare

Zeneth Healthcare is a leading clinic for Speech Therapy in Chandigarh. We are the best because along with speech assistance, we focus on the hearing abilities of a child. Our experienced speech therapist and audiologist focuses on many areas of a child and helps in brain development.

There are several speech disorders that we focus on for the treatment. These are mentioned below.

Aphasia- When a person is diagnosed with Aphasia speech Disorder, it is due to the sudden injury that damages the nerve in the brain. People facing this will face trouble in reading, writing, and communicating.

Dysarthria- It is due to poor facial muscle strength. the people with Dysarthria communicate slowly, the words are not clear.

Apraxia- Apraxia is the most common speech disorder. Under this a person knows about their thoughts, wants to give the correct information but is unable to collect the works and for a sentence out of it. This also relates to hearing disabilities. People are poor at expressing their thoughts.

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