Each May, Noisy Planet joins the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) in observing Better Hearing and Speech Month. Noisy Planet celebrates this annual opportunity to raise awareness about communication disorders and hearing health—particularly the causes and prevention of noise-induced hearing loss. Noisy Planet reminds preteens, parents, and professionals who interact with preteens of the importance of developing healthy hearing habits early in life.


Hearing is fundamental to the development of language and speech. Hearing loss prevention promotes lifelong learning and connecting to our family, our friends, and our surrounding. Tens of millions of U.S. adults aged 20 to 69 have measurable hearing loss likely due to noise exposure. Children and teens who develop healthy hearing habits early on can take steps to protect their hearing for life!


Noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented by adopting these healthy hearing habits:

  1. Lower the volume.
  2. Move away from the noise.
  3. Wear hearing protectors such as earplugs or earmuffs.


Join Zenith Speech & Hearing Clinic in recognizing the importance of better hearing and speech. Help us spread the word by sharing our Better Hearing and Speech Month image, available in English and Spanish. You can also visit us for additional Better Hearing and Speech Month information.


An audiologist will perform a comprehensive hearing test to determine the type and severity of hearing loss you may have. Your audiologist will make recommendations based on the results of your test to help correct for existing hearing loss and prevent further damage to your ears. If you work in noisy environments or take part in noisy hobbies, recommendations can also be made for the best type of hearing protection for you, such as muffs, custom plugs, musician’s plugs, etc.

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