10 Best Hearing Aid Prices in India

10 Best Hearing Aid Prices in India- The ear is the most complex part of our body. It is responsible for offering a clergy to the sound which is received by the brain. Sometimes when the results are not positive, the sounds are not perceived by the person with clarity. There comes the use of an ear machine. If you are concerned about finding a supreme quality hearing aid at affordable prices Zeneth Healthcare brings you a list of the 10 Best Hearing Aid Prices in India.

Zeneth Healthcare is the number one hearing testing center. We have a team of audiologists that look after your concerns. To provide the best we offer you the best we deal in for ear machines. All of these are listed among the 10 Best Hearing Aid Prices in India.10 Best Hearing Aid Prices in India.

10 Best Hearing Aid Prices in India 

Hearing Aid is an essential element for people with hearing loss. It is a necessity for patients to have a suitable hearing aid that fits in their ears and offers comfort. Ear machines help us balance the frequencies and volume in the ear drum. It thereby helps in making the sound clear. If you are confused about which hearing aid is beneficial for you, we have a list of affordable 10 Best Hearing Aid Prices in India. 

  1. Starkey Digital Hearing Aid
  2. Interton Digital Hearing Aid
  3. ReSound Digital Hearing Aid
  4. Phonak Digital Hearing Aid
  5. Oticon Digital Hearing Aid
  6. Unitron Digital Hearing Aid
  7. Signia Digital Hearing Aid
  8. Widex Digital Hearing Aid
  9. Axon B-13 Sound Enhancement Amplifier Hearing Aid Machine
  10. Siemens Signia

Starkey Digital Hearing Aid

Starkey Hearing Technologies started the business of Starkey Digital hearing aid in the year 1967. It is an American Company situated in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Zenith Healthcare is a hearing test center in India and we are an authorized dealer of Starkey Hearing Aid in India. It is primarily in the list of 10 Best Hearing Aid Prices in India because of its utmost demand in society. This provides the best results. It is digitally feasible.  Starkey is a new generation of ear machines that come in various forms. 

Key Specification of Starkey Hearing Aid

  • Starkey Hearing Aid has a feature of Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • Starkey Hearing Aid is rechargeable.  

Famous Products of Starkey Hearing Aid

  • Genesis AI.
  • Evolv AI.
  • Livio Edge AI.
  • Livio AI.
  • Livio.
  • Picasso.

Move towards a better hearing experience with an amplified sound. Get your custom-made Starkey Hearing Aid from Zeneth Healthcare at affordable and unique prices. 

Interton Digital Hearing Aid

Manufacturers at Interton believe that the sounds are a heart to life and it has to be clear. Interton Digital Hearing Aid provides support to the person by adding a clear sound to life. Gone are the days when people used to adjust with hearing aids. Now each company offers customers hearing aids. Zeneth Healthcare provides an affordable range of Intrerton Digital hearing aid for people facing sound loss. 

Key Specification of Interton Hearing Aid

  • Comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours.
  • It’s a German brand that offers affordable hearing machines. 

A Variety of Hearing Aid by Interton

  • CIC (Completely-in-Canal)
  • ITC (In-the-Canal)
  • ITE (In-the-Ear)

If you are looking for the distributor of Intertone hearing aids as it is listed among the 10 Best Hearing Aid Prices in India, you may visit Zeneth Healthcare.

ReSound Digital Hearing Aid

A hearing aid helps identify the sound in a clear manner. Its wireless hearing aid provides multi-purpose benefits by amplifying the sounds. It has a hearing aid portfolio that addresses the counts of each age group facing sound disorders. 

Key Specification of ReSound Digital Hearing Aid

  • Custom Hearing Aids
  • Tinnitus Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid range by RsSound

  • ReSound OMNIA
  • Custom made by ReSound
  • ReSound LiNX Quattro
  • ReSound ENZO Q
  • ReSound Key

ReSound Hearing Aid attained the spot among the leading 10 Best Hearing Aid Prices in India because of its tremendous results.

Phonak Digital Hearing Aid

A reason for Phonak Hearing Aid to be among the list of 10 Best Hearing Aid Prices in India is that it provides hearing aids for adults and children. It aims to create a balance in the ear by bringing back the sound in the life of people with a sound disorder. Zeneth Healthcare offers a diversified Phonak Hearing Aida. This hearing aid company was established in the year 1947 and has its headquarters in Switzerland. 

Unique feature of Phonak Hearing Aid

  • Wireless controlling microphone.
  • Invisible hearing aid

Extensive range by Phonak

  • Vitus and Vitus+
  • CROS Paradise
  • Phonak Slim
  • Naída Paradise
  • Audéo Lumity

Oticon Digital Hearing Aid

Oticon Hearing Aid brings a huge range of different colors of hearing aid. Unlike other traditional hearing aids, it provides a diversified hearing aid to people with a better sound quality. Its price range states at Rs 16600. You can get these from Zeneth Healthcare at affordable rates and minimal prices. 

Key Specification

  • Access to the full sound
  • Deals in child-friendly hearing aid

Range of Hearing Aid by Oticon

  • Oticon Own
  • Oticon More
  • Oticon Xceed
  • Oticon Play PX
  • Oticon CROS family

Unitron Digital Hearing Aid

Unitron Digital Hearing Aids is among the top 10 Best Hearing Aid Prices in India. Unitron came into the hearing girls in the year 1904 and was founded by Hans Demant in Copenhagen, Denmark. The hearing aids offered by the company are presentable and are believed to be number one because of the ultimate sound quality served. 

Key Specification of Unitron Hearing Aid

  • You get access to environmentally friendly sounds.
  • It promotes the safest sound quality

Hearing machines by Unitron

  • Receiver-in-canal (RIC)
  • Behind-the-ear (BTE)
  • In-the-ear (ITE)

Signia Digital Hearing Aid

Unleash the potential of hearing with the best earring aid by Signia Digital Hearing Aid. It offers a hearing aid with a splendid sound quality. Zeneth Healthcare deals in the offering of the hearing aid by Signia as we are the authorized dealer of the product. This comes under the list of the 10 Best Hearing Aid Prices in India because of its extensive range of hearing aids. 

Hearing Products by Signia Digital Hearing Aid

  • Pure Charge&Go IX
  • Pure Charge&Go AX
  • Pure 312 AX
  • Pure Charge&Go X
  • Pure 312 X

Widex Digital Hearing Aid

Widex Digital Hearing Aid is offered in huge variety. Zeneth Healthcare is an authorized dealer of Widex Hearing aid in India. To make the sound quality efficient, it keeps on technically improvising the means speakers it uses. It is among the list of 10 Best Hearing Aid Prices in India because its signature sound quality increases the potency of hearing the amplified sounds in a clear way. 

Products offered by Widex Hearing Aid in India

  • RC-DEX
  • Widex TV Play
  • Widex chargers
  • Hearing aid dryers
  • TV-DEX
  • Widex hearing aid battery
Axon B-13 Sound Enhancement Amplifier Hearing Aid Machine

Axon hearing aid is an affordable range of ear machines in the market. Its cost-cutting prices are unique which has made it to the list of 10 Best Hearing Aid Prices in India. The company enhances the sound quality of hearing aids which is appropriate for Mild to Moderately Severe hearing loss

Siemens Signia

Siemens Signia hearing aid listed among the 10 Best Hearing Aid Prices in India is a new-generation hearing solution for people with low hearing potential. It is an affordable ear machine served by Zeneth Healthcare. You can meet the best audiologist at our clinic and they may suggest the right model for you.

A glace to Siemens Signia’s Ear Machine range. 

  • FUN P-Behind The Ear,
  • 74 dB/136 dB SPL (ear simulator) with 70dB/132dB SPL

Now you can discover the right choice of hearing aid for you. These are the 10 Best Hearing Aid Prices in India and each brand is served by Zeneth Healthcare. Visit our clinic, and get the proper hearing test done under the surveillance of our audiologist.