Which Hearing Aid is Best in India for Old Age?

Old age is a vulnerable time and one can see a major decline in overall health. Over 40% of Indian senior citizens suffer from hearing disabilities and struggle to find a suitable hearing aid. Finding a budget-friendly, comfortable, and technically advanced ear machine can significantly improve the overall well-being of elderly people. If you are puzzled with Which Hearing Aid is Best in India for Old Age? Read this comprehensive guide that will introduce you to key factors that shall be taken care of to make the best investment for your aging loved ones. 

Many elderly population is also affected with presbycusis which is the age-relaed hearing impairment. Finding a hearing aid that comfortably fits the elderly could take more time to match the comfort and durability required by senior citizens. Now, you don’t have to struggle with Which Hearing Aid is Best in India for Old Age? This comprehensive blog post is filled with all the information you may need to find the perfect hearing aid solution. 

Importance of Finding a Satisfactory Hearing Aid Solution for the Elderly 

Treatment for hearing loss becomes unavoidable in old age. Hearing aids may not resolve hearing loss but amplify sound in specific frequency ranges that individuals may struggle to hear. This positively influences the overall well-being and encourages independence among the elderly. Hearing aids have emerged as the standard treatment option for sensorineural hearing loss for the elderly and people of all age groups. Not only the hearing aids improve health outcomes but also enhance cognitive function, thereby decreasing the risk of dementia. 

The elderly can also confidently engage in conversations and be a part of social interactions with the right hearing aids. It also reduces the risk of isolation and depression in senior citizens. The impaired hearing also makes senior citizens more susceptible to falls and other injuries. Therefore, using a suitable hearing aid can also prevent falls that is proven to increase with every additional 10 decibels of hearing loss. The key benefits of hearing aids in improving the quality of life of the elderly are briefed below:

  • Reduce the risk of dementia by improving cognitive functions 
  • Help avoid depression and isolation in the elderly 
  • Significantly reduce the chances of fall
  • Help regain the confidence required to engage in conversations and social interactions 

Explore the Top Hearing Aids For Senior Citizens in India 

Various factors contribute to age-related hearing loss including changes in the inner ear structures, blood supply reduction to the ear, and increasing exposure to high-frequency sounds over a lifetime. This can make things very challenging for the elderly leading to a sharp decline in overall health. We bring you the best hearing aids for senior citizens selected after carefully examining the wide variety of choices available in the market. 

This list will be the perfect answer to Which Hearing Aid is Best in India for Old Age? It mentions several hearing aids from different brands to match your budget and other requirements. Once you have consulted your audiologist and undergone a hearing assessment you can refer to this list to find the most suitable hearing aid for you. Take a look at the table given below to learn more about the range of hearing aids best suited for elderly along with their price range. 

Best Hearing Aids for Senior Citizens in India

Hearing aids Price Features 
Phonak Audeo Lumity Rs 60000/piece Patients access technology 
Signia Pure Charge&Go AX  Rs 1,13,990 – Rs7,09,990 Enhance sound audibility, 
Widex Evoke Rs 60,000 – Rs 3,00,000 Reduce stress on the ear
Starkey Livio Edge AI  Rs 359000 Offer Bluetooth connectivity
Oticon Opn S Rs 135000 Environment control features
Signia Kit Motion C&G X Rs46990/- Smaller size and more comfortable 
Phonak Audeo L-R Rs 2,05,000/- Smoothly delivers the sound to hearing
Signia Kit Styletto Ax Rs 99,990 – Rs 6,49,990 Rechargeable battery 
Interton Ready 6 Rs 8500 /- to Rs 1,40000 Reliable and trusted brand 
Unitron uControl Rs 55,000 – Rs 65,000 Naturally adapts to the environmental sound 


Tips to Select the Best Hearing Aid for the Senior Citizens

If you have no prior experience of buying hearing aids it can be difficult for you to find a suitable hearing aid under budget. To help you make an informed choice we bring you the top reliable factors that can refer to make a suitable purchase. Modern hearing aids are available in many styles and technologies to suit the current demand of users. IWith these tips you can select the best hearing aid for senior citizens for an effective treatment of hearing loss. The factors to consider when buying an ear machine for the elderly are briefed below: 

  • Buy the hearing aid specific to your hearing condition 
  • Ensure the hearing aid you are buying is user-friendly 
  • Carefully, check the accessories offered along with the hearing aid 
  • Give preference to digital hearing aids over analog ones.
  • Choose ear machines with rechargeable batteries rather than disposable batteries 
  • Ensure local technical support for your choice of hearing aid 

Find Your Choice of Hearing Aid at Zeneth Healthcare 

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