Hearing Aids Price in India


Hearing Aids Price in India- Ignoring your hearing loss because of the high prices of hearing aids? Worry not. Zeneth Healthcare is here with a commendable list of Hearing Aids prices in India. Among the best brands choose affordable audiology devices for a comforting experience.

The conversation is as important as oxygen. It builds relations and enhances the motive of a person to live. But what is a conversation without hearing? 

Hearing Aids Price in India

Investing in the variety of hearing aids. At Zeneth Healthcare you find an audiologist who is trained in understanding the reason behind the hearing loss and suggests the ear machines accordingly. We take pride in introducing you to a detailed list of the Hearing Aids Prices in India

Hearing Aids Price in India

Hearing aids are essential for people with hearing loss. Spending a huge amount on an auditory device cannot be possible for everyone. This blog is a one-page solution for you. Zenith Healthcare provides a commendable list of leading brands in India that deal in an impressive range of healing aids. The deal is offered at the cheapest to the highest rates. Choose the desired hearing aids from the list below. 

Phonak Hearing Aid

Phonak Hearing Aid provides a wide variety of hearing solutions in India. Its prices are a little high but the quality delivers is best of all. The brand is constantly evolving its means to offer state-of-the-art auditory solutions thereby fulfilling the the needs of customers. 

Bolero Q 90 M(IP 67) BTE   13 20 67 0-95 5+7+#  Rs 2,38,000
Naida Q 90 UP BTE   675 20 85 30-120 5+7+#  Rs 2,03,000
Bolero Q 90 SP BTE   13 20 75 0-120 5+7+#  Rs 2,38,000
Virto Q 90 nano  ITC 10 20 S=46 M= 50 0-85 5+7+0 2,54,000
Bolero Q 90 P  BTE   13 20 71 0-110 5+7+#  Rs 2,38,000

Oticon Hearing Aid

The Oticon is a brand that believes in affordability. The easy-to-use feature of Oticon has made it the best brand for hearing solutions in India. This is one of the trusted brands in the list of Hearing Aids Price in India. 

Oticon Hearing Aid
GET GET CIC 4 80 10/100 Rs 27,000
TEGO TEGO D BTE VC 4 90 13/220 Rs 30,000
HIT HIT D ITC 4 85 312/140 Rs 40,000
Swift Swift 70 BTE AFC 80 13/270 Rs 9,800
GO PRO GO PRO CIC 4 85 312/145 Rs 17,500

Siemens Hearing Aid Price List

If you are looking for a brand that provides extremely affordable Hearing Aids Price in India then investing in Siemens Hearing Aid is suggested. The company offers a price range that starts at Rs 2290. Its premium range comes in four different varieties and is popular among the people.

Siemens Hearing Aid Price List
BTE Touching 6990
LOTUS 12 P BTE 7390
VITA 118 2290
Pockettio MP 3790
ITC LOTUS 23 12990

Bernafone Hearing Aid Price List

Bernafone is a top-notch hearing aid provider in India that has been the audiology solution for 75 years. As per the customers, its hearing solutions are commendable as they are designed for the patient’s stability. It improves hearing loss and reduces the stress on the speech of the person. 

Bernafone Hearing Aid Price List
IN 1 CPx  B.T.E.(Compact Power) 110 dB  13 30,000/-
CN 9 ITCPD  I.T.C.Power (Dual Mic) 100 dB 312   2,00,000/-
IN 1 CPx  B.T.E.(Compact Power) 110 dB  13 30,000/-
VERITE 9 R.I.T.E(Power Speaker)  100 dB   312 1,85,000/-
VR 0 ITCD I.T.C(Dual Mic)   80 dB    312 2,00,000/-

Widex Hearing Aid Price List

The healing aid by Widex is offered at the best rates. The brand Hearing Aid price in India as per the Indian rupees is medium range. It starts at Rs 13000 which is quite affordable if you want to attain the comforting experience. The various models by Widex offer versatile features such as 2 channels and 2 brands, Bravo B2 Series Features, etc. It can be programmed up to 10KHZ in RIC

Widex Hearing Aid Price List
REAL RE-9 BTE 13 370 10-90 dBHL 30000
FLASH FL-CIC CIC 10 120 0-75 dB HL 40000
BRAVISSIMO BV-8 BTE BTE 13 450 20-80dBHL  20000
BRAVO B2 BTE 13 375 20-80dBHL  13000
BRAVO B32 HIH POWER 675 500   50 – 120 dB HL 20000

ALPS Hearing Aid Price List

Listed below is the ALPS Hearing AID Price List. The brands offer economical prices for the hearing aid. 

ALPS Hearing Aid Price List
ALPS DIN 9,500
ALPS DH+BTE 19,800
ALPS DIN-Power BTE 13,500
ALPS DIN CIC        12,500

Starkey Hearing Aid Price List

Starkey Hearing Aid is available with Zeneth Helayhacre at the best price and deals. You can get it at an affordable rate

Starkey Hearing Aid Price List
Model Price Range (per ear)
Starkey Livio AI ₹80,000 – ₹1,60,000
Starkey Muse iQ ₹65,000 – ₹1,35,000
Starkey Halo iQ ₹85,000 – ₹1,60,000
Starkey SoundLens Synergy ₹80,000 – ₹1,60,000
Starkey Z Series ₹50,000 – ₹1,25,000
Starkey 3 Series ₹40,000 – ₹1,00,000

Advantages of Buying Hearing Aids in India by Zeneth Healthcare

Zeneth Healthcare is one one-stop-shop solution with people dealing with hearing loss. Understanding the current requirement we are a blend of artificial intelligence and human care. With the technical methods, we assure devices an intelligent future of bettering hearing by making you today hurdle-free. We acknowledge that the quality of hearing aids and the suprerous services the heart care solution matter thereby our audiologist intuitively helps you to range the best deals of hearing aid prices in India.

  • The perks of getting the service from us are mentioned below.
  • We offer custom-made hearing aids. This service by Zeneth Healthcare gives long-lasting comfort. 
  • At economical prices, the hearing aid solution we provide helps you overcome heart disorders. 
  • We have authorized deals in the hearing as mentioned earlier area. These are recommended as some are associated with smart-phonic features. 

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