10 Best ReSound Hearing Aids in India

10 Best ReSound Hearing Aids in India– The price of Resound hearing aids in India starts at the rate of ₹18,500 and can rise to ₹7,79,995. The price range varies on the features, model, and the choices customers make in purchasing it. You may compare the after-service, the warranty period, and the retailer investing in any hearing aid then ReSound. The result of the brand is impressively best. 

The auditory solution by ReSound provides a warranty period of over 2 years to 4 years but the support from the company over the selected model is for the lifetime. The 10 Best ReSound Hearing Aids in India are manufactured by the brand and consist of 4 to 24 channels, of which 4 are relevant and the other are used in offering various used and procedural functions. 

The higher number of channels provides better functions such as Ric Resound Linx 3d 561 Drwz Rie with 12 channels sold at Rs 49995/piece. 

10 Best ReSound Hearing Aids in India

Zenith Healthcare is a top-notch auditory service provider. Today we have curated a list of the 10 Best ReSound Hearing Aids in India. You will find the various models offering significant features in the list. 

List of the10 Best Resound Hearing Aids in India

Resound believes that the hearing aid should justify your need for hearing with comfort. The list of the 10 Best Resound Hearing Aids in India consists of the latest pricing of the Reounds Hearing Aid. We have given a table for the ReSound Hearing Aid Price List 2024. 

Resound Hearing Aid Price List 2024

Linx Q 5 to Linx Q 9 1,09,995/- 3,44,995/-
Linx 3D 5 to Linx 3D 9 74,995/- 2,62,495/-
Omnia 4 to Omnia 9 94,995/- 3,99,995/-
Enzo Q 5 to Enzo Q 9 89,995/- 3,49,995/-
One 4 to One 9 94,995/- 3,89,995/-


ReSOund Omnia is a hearing aid for you if your life is surrounded with noise The special features of the hearing aid involve excessive and intermittent sound cancelation. The best comfort and specially designed hearing machines with the smallest amplifiers catch the customer attraction. 

ReSound’s Omnia range provides the best solution with tech-friendly features that allow connectivity with Android and iOS systems. The brand launched it in October 2022. This is available in the following three models. 

ReSound OMNIA 9 – Supreme audio and speech credibility in extreme environments.

ReSound OMNIA 7 – Tech-friendly hearing aid that automatically adjusts around as per the required listening experience. 

ReSound OMNIA 9 – Technically advanced to identify essential sounds. It helps the patient to understand the sounds in the loudest mediums. 

ReSound LiNX Quattro

The advanced rechargeable solution offered by ReSOund is LiNX Quattro. Its ability to connect with mobile phones gives the best experience in phone calls. This is one of the 10 Best Resound Hearing Aids in India that has attained the customer’s attraction.

Its features include

  • Exceptional quality
  • Long-lasting chargings
  • Clear listing express helps in understating the speech. 

Available models:

  • LiNX Quattro RIE 61
  • LiNX Quattro RIE 62

Resound Nexia 

Among the 10 Best Resound Hearing Aids in India, Resound Nexia is popularly approached by hearing disorder people. It was launched in the year 2023. Its Autocast broadcasting technology gives an experience of Bluetooth connectivity. The models allow streaming on Android and MFi audio. It comes in a type of Receiver-in-Ear (RIE) and Behind-the-Ear (BTE).

The Nexia model includes the following models. 

  • Nexia Micro RIE
  • Nexia Micro RIE CROS
  • Nexia RIE 61
  • Nexia RIE 62
  • Nexia BTE 77
  • Nexia BTE 88

It can be customed in Nexia ITE, Nexia CIC, and Nexia ITC. You can get it from Zeneth Healthcare with commendable rates.

ReSound Enzo Q

The ReSound Enzo Q is one of the 10 Best Resound Hearing Aids in India as it is available in five various models. This range by ReSOund is improving in quality and exclusively holds technology provision for Hearing Tracker visitors. To get ReSound Enzo Q in Chandigarh you may visit Zeneth Healthcare. Our service includes a variety of offerings and a custom-made facility. 

Models available:

  • Enzo Q BTE 88
  • Enzo Q BTE 98
  • Enzo Q 7
  • Enzo Q9
  • Enzo Q 5

ReSound Vea Hearing Aid

Find the 10 Best Resound Hearing Aids in India with Zeneth Healthcare The specific range of ReSounmd Vea Hearing Aid is available in the following models. 

  • ReSound Vea VE70
  • ReSound Vea VE80
  • ReSound Vea VE50
  • ReSound Vea VE30
  • ReSound Vea VE60
  • ReSound Vea VE10

The patients have received impressive auditory benefits with the first use of the ReSound Vea Hearing Aid. This is a digital hearing aid device and can be connected to phones. 

ReSound ONE

Designed in the Receiver-In-Ear technology, the ReSouind ONE is acquitted with the M&RIE technology’s latest microphone version. It gives the speech and the audio clarity in the toughest windy situations.  

Features include:

  • Digital connectivity
  • Hands-free calling via the Phone Clip+
  • Beamforming directionality 


  • ReSound One 4
  • ReSound One 5
  • ReSound One 7
  • ReSound One 9

ReSound Verso Hearing Aid

The ReSound’s Verso Hearing Aid is among the 10 Best ReSound Healing Aids in India because of its extensive range of models. It severs a variety of features with its range.

The following are its family products.

Alera AL10, Alera AL61, Alera AL30/50-M, Alera AL77/87, Alera AL62, Alera AL40 – Half Shell, Alera AL10-M, Alera AL60, Alera AL50 – Full Shell, Alera AL67, Alera AL30

ReSound Alera Hearing Aid

The ReSound Alera Hearing Aid consists of the auditory devices ranging between Verso VO10, Verso VO50 – Full Shell, Verso VO61-DRW, Verso VO30, Verso VO50 – Half Shell, Verso VO10-C, Verso VO77-DW, Verso VO62-DRW, Verso VO10-M, Verso VO60-DR, Verso VO30-M, Verso VO67-DW, Verso VO88-DW. 

It has the capability of serving an impressive battery life and premium sound quality. The device is affordable and is available with Zeneth Healthcare. 

ReSound Hearing Aid for Tinnitus

ReSound serves the 10 Best Resound Hearing Aids in India which includes hearing aid for the treatment of Tinnitus. This condition is a healing disability where a constant sharp sound is heard by the person. The condition can be treated with the use of the best hearing aids. The intensity of the sound in tinnitus varies from person to person. It can be high-pitched, deep, or low-pitched but with a healing aid, the intensity can be minimized.

ReSound Custom-made hearing aids

Eery hearing aid mentioned in the list of 10 Best Resound Hearing Aids in India is offered with the facility of custom-made. This is beneficial, especially for children and older adults. The ear for every person varies in size hence customer designs support the ear with comfortable fittings. 


Make your auditory experience better with the accomplishment of the hearing aids available with Zenteh Healyhacre, The 10 Best Resound Hearing Aids in India are advised for patients dealing with mild to profound to severe hearing loss. These are relevant in quality and economical in price. Visit us for the auditory test and get your healing aid from us today.