Hearing Aid Centre in Punjab

Hearing Aid Centre in Punjab- Sound improves life, but people with hearing disorders lack this enjoyment. Worry not, Zeneth Healthcare is here to provide the optimizing solution for the best hearing aid in Punjab. Being the best Audiologist in Punjab we offer the service of hearing tests, hearing assessments, hearing device fittings, and much more.

Dedicated to our medium of Hearing Aid Centre in Punjab, Zeneth Healthcare provides services in major cities of states such as Ludhiana, Amritsar, Derabassi, Dhakauli, Zirakpur, and Mohali. We have the best audiologist in Punjab who understands hearing loss and does a full assessment of it. We believe in providing secure results to the clients hence our hearing aid is driven by technological advancements. With a team of trusted professionals getting an affordable hearing device in Punjab is feasible now. 

Hearing Aid Center in Punjab

At Zeneth Healthcare, the leading Hearing Aid Centre in Punjab we are ready to solve your queries related to hearing disorders. Filled with a variety of hearing devices we deal in the superior brands of the world such as Starkey, Phonak, Signia, Interton, Omicon, Rexton, Danavox, etc

Zeneth Healthcare: Leading Hearing Aid Centre in Punjab

Opening a door of hearing solutions, we at Zeneth Healthcare provide hearing as speech disorder assessments to people. We are committed to our patients and dedicated to providing the services as per their requirements. We have collaborated with the top audiologists in Punjab who have expertise in providing top hearing solutions to clients. 

Our services are available in Dhakauli, Zirakpur, Dera Bassi, Ludhiana, Mohali, etc. The patients suffering from the condition, we invite you to get the hearing assessment done at affordable rates. 

With over 13+ years of experience in the field and nearly 11000+ smiling patients, we have offered solutions for more than 100+ products. Our expert audiologist successfully assures the services with a 100% results guarantee. 

Zeneth Healthcare is fully dedicated to medical fertility hence our organization takes full responsibility for ensuring technological advancement services to the clients. Our audiologist observes the cause of hearing loss in the client and after the whole examination, the choice of hearing aid is presented. 

Experience the Best Audiologist in Punjab 

The Hearing Aid Centre in Punjab offers ear machines that may start with a price range of INR 24,999 and may reach INR 6,99,999. Sharing a huge among of hearing devices is only reliable when assessment is done by experienced audiologists. 

We always prefer to offer solutions with a better hearing assessment. Being a group of experienced audiologists in the Hearing Aid Centre in Punjab we offer many benefits to our patients.

  • Before referring any product we provide a free assessment to check its fit and sound capabilities. 
  • With a wholesome range of brand solutions, Zeneth Healthcare delivers a variety of devices. 
  • We are authorized dealers of brands such as Phonak and Starkey, hence here is an advantage of affordability. 
  • We do the hearing test assessment of every age group starting from infants to older adults. 
  • Compatible solutions of up to 4 years of warranty are offered to the clients. 

We are a state-of-the-art hearing and speech diagnosis centre in Punjab. Specializing in the latest technologies, we offer the highest quality hearing tests.

Types of Hearing Tests Prioritized at Zeneth Healthcare

 Various types of hearing tests are performed at the Hearing Aid Centre in Punjab. Each assessment is better in its own way. The audiologist cannot perform every other test on the patient, this requires a closure of experienced audiologists. 

The hearing test is done after channelizing the type of hearing loss. These are mentioned below.

  1. Conductive hearing
  2. Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL)
  3. Mixed Hearing Loss

Type of Hearing Assessments 

  1. Pure-tone testing
  2. Bone conduction testing
  3. Speech testing
  4. Auditory brainstem response (ABR)
  5. Otoacoustic emissions test (OAE)
  6. Tympanometry

The hearing professional at Zeneth Healthcare recommends the assessment based on budget, aesthetic preferences, and freehand use.

How to Identify the Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is proved by the symptoms shown in a person in nearly 90 days of history. The children and adults, the symptoms may vary. Zeneth Healthcare is a known Hearing Aid Centre in Punjab that delivers effective solutions for hearing assessments after evaluating the history of hearing loss. 

For Child

  • Visible congenital. 
  • History of hearing loss in 90 days.
  • Release of active drainage from the ear. 
  • Present evidence of significant cerumen (wax) accumulation.
  • Discomfort in the ear.

For Adults

  • Loss of background noise
  • Difficulty in recognizing voices
  • Hearing mumbled sounds
  • Excessive repetition of the words.
  • Tinnitus or ringing in the ears
  • A numbing sensation in the ear.

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