Top 10 Best Widex Hearing Aids in India

Top 10 Best Widex Hearing Aids in India– Hearing Aids are meant to provide support and comfort to the great. It must suit your lifestyle and enhance your listening experience. Choosing the right combination of hearing aids that is customized is a perfect choice. To get the correctly fitted auditory device a visit to the audiologist will help. You can enjoy the sound like it’s one of nature’s most beautiful creations with branded auditory devices.

What could be the best other than Widex Hearing Aids? 

Zeneth Healthcare is a reputed audio testing clinic in India. We are the experts on the table covering the niche of hearing disorders. Widex being the leading range is the manufacturing of hearing devices and offers a variety of ear machines. Here we introduce a list of the Top 10 Best Widex Hearing Aids in India. The satisfactory services by Zeneth Healthcare include speech testing and finding the cause of the hearing disorder. Our experience in the field is 13+ years therefore you can visit us for the commendable service. 

Top 10 Best Widex Hearing Aids in India

We deal in a range of 15+ brands out of which Widex is one of them. As we offer a list of Top 10 Best Widex Hearing Aids in India, therefore we believe that we can help you choose the desired product. The Widex Hearing Aid works intelligently. It supports the ear by amplifying the sound and evenly adjusting the high pitch of sounds such as the sound of birds, and small children. 

List of the Top 10 Best Widex Hearing Aids in India

Widex is one of the recommended brands by the audiologist in India. The brand deals in the manufacturing of hearing aids that are reliable for every type of hearing loss such as tinnitus, etc. Widex offers a variety of Receiver In Canal, Behind The Ear, Inside The Canal, Completely In Canal, Invisible In Canal, and Inside The Ear hearing aid. 

The cost of Widex begins at ₹18,500 and goes up to ₹3,60,000. Underneath are the listed Top 10 Best Widex Hearing Aids in India.

Widex Hearing Aid Price List 2024
Magnify 30 to Magnify 100 25,500/- 52,500/-
Moment Sheer 110 to Moment Sheer 440 75,000/- 3,60,000/-
Moment 110 to Moment 440 65,000/- 3,45,000/-
Enjoy 110 to Enjoy 440 50,000/- 2,75,000/-
Evoke 110 to Evoke 440 60,000/- 3,00,000/-

Widex Moment Sheer

With the special feature of  2.4 GHz Bluetooth connectivity with iOS and Android, the WIdex Moment Sheer is one of the in-demand hearing aids among the Top 10 Best Widex Hearing Aids in India. This device is accompanied by AI intelligence that helps you hear the sound. Its relevant technology assists in securing the ear from the high-pitched sounds that can cause damage. 

This is a receiver-in-canal hearing aid and the company provides a feature of controlling the sound you hear with the application Widex Moment which is available in iOS and Android. It is recommended for mild to profound hearing loss. You can get your hearing test done by Zeneth Healthcare and receive the Widex Moment Sheer Hearing Aid at affordable rates. We are an authorized dealer of the products. 

The Widex Moment Sheer is available with a 4-year warranty and its models are mentioned below.

  • Widex Moment Sheer 440
  • Widex Moment Sheer 330
  • WIdex Moment Sheer 220

Widex Moment 

Widex guarantees comfort with its range of Widex Moment range. It provides the never experience of softness in the hearing aid. Its lightweight and stabilizing sound quality and the revolutionary technology provide a natural sound experience. It works when the herding aid receives the sound and passes it to the ear drum. This helps in the sound full experience like you have never used an auditory device. Research done by the Widex Company shows that over 91% of users using the specific model that is Widex Moment have experienced clearer sound than the other brands in the market. This has made it achieve a spot in the list of the Top 10 Best Widex Hearing Aids in India

Variety of Models Available

  • Widex Moment 440
  • Widex Moment 330
  • Widez Moment 220

Widex Evoke Hearing Aid

Another in the list of Top 10 Best Widex Hearing Aids in India is the Widex Evoke Hearing Aid. This is one of the most asked hearing aids used by Widex in India. At Zeneth you can receive the model with a customization facility. These are ear machines that adjust the sound required in the ear automatically It is believed to be the world’s first auditory device that manages the sound as per the environment. The quality offered by Evoke is so natural that it just gives you yeh comfort like you are not wearing any machine in the ear. It is available in thirteen different colors. 

Available Models

  • Evoke RIC 10
  • Evoke Mini Fashion
  • Evoke CIC Micro
  • Evoke XP

Widex Magnify

In the group for Widex Hearing Aid, the Widex Magnify is another auditory device range to be in the Top 10 Best Widex Hearing Aids in India. In the family of ear machines, this is one of the smallest rechargeable lithium-ion receiver-in-canal hearing aids. Since this has wireless charging, therefore the entrance of moisture in the hearing aid is blocked. This is a waterproof heating aid. This is most beneficial for the children. It is economical and is available with Zeneth Heath Care.

It is available in the following

  • Behind-the-canal
  • Receiver in the canal

Widex Unique

Widex Unique is a hearing aid you can rely on while in nature. It captures the sound from every bit of the corner. It is best suited for the people who love to conversate in nature. In the list of Top 10 Best Widex Hearing Aids in India, it is the best because this cancels the excessive windy sounds and reduces the stress on the ear canal to understand the words. Its comfortable hearing experience gives you the authority to connect with Bluetooth so you can enjoy phone calls with family and friends.  

Models Available

  • Widex Unique 440
  • Widex Unique 330
  • Widex Unique 220
  • Widex Unique 110

Widex CROS Hearing Aids

The CROS Range by Widex helps people with one-sided deafness also termes as single-sided hearing loss. This is an auditory solution among the Top 10 Best Widex Hearing Aids in India for you if you suffer from poor hearing or almost no hearing in one ear. This is recommended by Zenteh Healthcare for people who can treat hearing disorders with the use of the best ear machines available in India. This is a BiCROS solution as it is compatible with the ones who are deaf in one ear and can hear from the other.

Widex Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Widex Hearing Solution cones in a facility of rechargeable hearing aids. This does not cost the battery replacement every few months nor work on the macro cells. These rechargeable hearing aids by Widex are one of the Top 10 Best Widex Hearing Aids in India as it’s the best discovering in time. With this facility, you need not worry about the trouble of replacing the batteries. 

Mobile Compatible Widex Hearing Aids

Mobile-compatible hearing aids are gaining popularity among the diverse population of hearing disorder patients. In the Top 10 Best Widex Hearing Aids in India, the mobile-compatible ear machines are all the ones mentioned above. These are cost friend and give a facility of the phone connectivity. In this, you can connect your auditory device with the phone to receive the benefits 

Widex Hearing Aid for Tinnitus

Widex Hearing Aid for Tinnitus is made for people suffering from hearing loss due to Tinnitus. When you use the healing aid to treat tinnitus, it primarily cancels the outer sharp sound over 70% and thereby provides relief from the tinnitus symptoms. The Widex Heairngaid does this by enhancing the stimulation in the cochlea also known to be the inner ear.  

The models offered by Widex to treat tinnitus are,

  • Widex Zen 
  • SoundRelax

Widex Hearing Aid for Children

Widex is a healing aid company that believes in manufacturing auditory devices for the children of patients. This is one of the best brands of ear machines as it provides a wide range of hearing aids in different couples and sizes. Prioritizing the comfort of children makes the ear machines soft and comfortable as the child can wear them throughout the day without any discomfort. 


The Harling aid is meant to offer service of the best healing experience and not the discomfort throughout the day. Widex brings a range of the Top 10 Best Widex Hearing Aids in India. It’s your time to switch to the best hearing machines and drive innovation. Get the quality assured hearing aid from Zeneth Health Care. We can suggest the best because we have the most experienced audiologists around us.