Hearing Aid Dealers in Panchkula

Hearing Aid Dealers in Panchkula- One in every 63 million Indian faces trouble with hiring. It is a prevalent issue that has affected a huge number of the population. The loss of hearing can be due to many reasons such as growing age, memory loss, mental health issues, etc. We are sure that it troubles you to see your family members to hear the sound of your. Hence it’s your time to consider ear machines and provide them with the long-lost sound in their life.

Panchkula may be a small town but here the population is the most educated. Each one eats to have suitable products when it comes to but ear machinery. Today we are bringing you a list of Hearing Aid Dealers in Panchkula. These are the prominent ones and stand on the ability of cost-effective ear machinery.

Hearing Aid Dealers in Panchkula

The loss of sound in life has affected many but let’s not stop our lives because of this. Find the best-rated ear machines in this blog of Hearing Aid Dealers in Panchkula. Every variety of ear machines mentioned is recommended by an audiologist. Be independent and live a lifestyle filled with sound again. Visits the Ear machine shops mentioned below.

List of Hearing Aid Dealers in Panchkula

Presenting your list of the top Ear Machine dealers in Panchkula. These are famous for the provision of their benefiting service in the city and carry a wide range of machinery. Pocket friend ear machine shops consist of each and every variety for the hearing aid a patient requires to attain the stable benefits of investment.

  1. Zeneth Healthcare
  2. Ear Solutions
  3. Centre of Hearing
  4. Brillant Galaxy
  5. Sound Rich Hearing
  6. Soundzo 

Zeneth Healthcare

Hear like before!

Zeneth Healthcare is one of the best Hearing Aid Dealers in Panchkula. Having their office space located in Zirakpur, they deal in offerings of a huge variety of hearing aids. It understands that a patient chooses an ear machine according to their preferences of lifestyle, quality of machinery, and most importantly the bridges. Zeneth Healthcare being the prominent Ear Machine Shop in Panchkula presents your wide collection. From the BTE and RIC styles to the invisible-in-canal hearing air, it comprises itchy in a huge quantity. 

Embrace the quality of living with an innovation ear machinery. Every other hearing aid we have is truly suggested and recommended by the Audiologist. With the most budget-friendly and affordable costing, it leads and hence has a satisfied customer base. It is known to offer quality assures and the tech-friendly hearing aid is available in a variety of colors and metallic finish.

Glance to the Ear Machines that are offered by Zeneth Healthcare with a basic overview.

  • A clear plastic acoustic tube machine called Behind-The-Ear (BTE) is available. This is recommended in the care of moderate hearing loss to severe hearing loss.
  • If you are conscious about the appearance of the ear machine then Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) is for you. It is hardly a visible hearing aid but is only suitable for mild hearing loss to moderate ones.
  • Many people prefer a custom-made hearing aid. These ear machines are adjusted in the ear easily. In-The-Canal (ITC) / In-The-Ear (ITE) is suggested in this case and is recommended for each type of hearing loss.
  • Completely-In-Canal (CIC) is another hearing aid that is suitable for modern hearing loss. It is customised and only a small piece of place that appears at the top of it is showcased.
  • For people facing mild to moderate hearing loss, the Invisible-In-The-Canal (IIC) ear machine is for you. It is completely invisible but is slightly high in the budget due to the benefits of its offer.

Contact Zeneth Healthcare

You can either visit the Ear Machine shop or contact for the home delivery. To know more about this Hearing Aid dealer in Panchkula, contact below.

Phone- 9888432318, +917009883738, 01762-351527

Email- Zenethcare@gmail.com

Address- Zeneth Health Care, SCF 34, 1st Floor, Apple Heights, VIP Road, or, near Domino’s, above Vishal Mega Mart, Zirakpur, Punjab 140603

Ear Solutions

Ear Solution is the best Hearing Aid Dealer in Panchkula due to its service of try and buy feature. This Ear machine shop is notifying as it offers a budget-friendly hearing aid. The range it offre starts from Rs 24,999 and can exceed till 6,99,999. The more advanced the ear machine you consider, the higher the prices it reaches. There is an exclusive yet extensive variety of hearing aids so you can choose whatever fits you the best.

The latest technology hearing aids offered by Ear Solution can be charged and have Bluetooth connectivity along with a customization feature. The hearing aids this ear machine shop deals in are mentioned below.

  • Digital Hearing aid for Tinnitus
  • Digital Hearing aid for children
  • Mobile compatible hearing aid, etc

Centre of Hearing

Centre of Hearing is known as the affordable ear machine shop and therefore is on the list of Hearing Aid Dealers in Panchkula. It offers a hearing solution that helps you connect with the outer world’s sounds. It offers unbeatable prices and guarantees the machinery. This is an authorized dealer of Phonak Marvel hearing aids. Accompanied by modern technology, it promotes safe hearing too. 

It offers a feature of choosing ear machinery as per the preference which is why it has a classic customer base. A range of offers is Mini Behind-The-Ear (BTE), Receiver-In-Canal Absolute Power (RIC AP), Invisible-In-Canal (IIC), In-The-Ear (ITE), etc

Brillant Sound Galaxy

Providing an innovative solution, Brillant Sound Galaxy is a premium ear machine shop consisting of a wide variety of hearing aids. This is among the list of Hearing Aid Dealers in Panchkula because of its premium range of ear machines. 

They entertain a patient in a comfortable environment. It is a recognized ear machine shop that offers hearing aids with a priority. You can choose plenty of each machine at affordable rates. This forces the ear machines with an extended warranty and the pair is sold after the trial and satisfaction.

Sound Rich Hearing

Get the most innovative technology hearing aid at competitive prices with Sound Rich Hearing. It is one of the top-notch Hearing Aid Dealers in Panchkula. Delivering a huge variety in the city, it is known to provide the orders on time.

The variety it offers includes invisible-the-canal (IIC), behind-the-ear (BTE), in-the-canal (ITC), receiver-in-canal (RIC), and completely-in-canal (CIC) models.


As of now, we have offered you a list of Hearing Aid Dealers in Panchkula, choose the appropriate ear machine shop and buy the preferred ear machine today. If you truly desire the best service, choosing Zeneth Healthcare is the best choice. It gives you customized service with a try-and-buy offer. Gift your loved ones hearing gift and fill their world of melodious sounds again.