Hearing Loss Treatment Chandigarh

Hearing Loss Treatment in Chandigarh– Hearing losses are a part of the ENT branch. The current rate of hearing loss is rapidly increasing because of many factors such as wearing musical gear all day. The time will come when people might need ear machines in their late adulthood. If you know anyone facing trouble with hearing loss, we recommend you opt for the best Hearing Loss Treatment in Chandigarh from Zeneth Healthcare.

Zeneth Healthcare has some of the most experienced audiologists with them. The team of professionals takes full responsibility for providing tremendous results to the best. Apart from dealing is a hefty range of ear machines such as the leading Starkey Hearing aid we provide testing of hearing loss.

Hearing Loss Treatment in Chandigarh by Zeneth Healthcare

Under this, we acknowledge the basic aspects of why the person is lacking behind the basic hearing frequencies. An interesting factor here is to cure the increase in the efficacies of hearing a person requires many tests. We at Zeneth Healthcare provide a treatment that includes a proper hearing test examination. 

Wear the hearing gear with confidence, undergo a proper procedure of Hearing Loss Treatment in Chandigarh by Zeneth Healthcare, and live a life free from listening disability. 

Best Hearing Loss Treatment in Chandigarh by Zeneth Healthcare

Hearing loss is a disability that is not just a birth defect. It may also occur because of any medical surgery procedure, or an accident, and even genetics plays a key role in it. The condition cannot be reversed but if it is treated well under the shadow of an experienced audiologist, you can increase the hearing potential. 

A hearing test helps acknowledge the sensitivity of your hearing at various frequencies, volumes, and pitchers. People facing the condition have different levels. About 13% of people in India are diagnosed with hearing loss before the age of 10 years. As you grow with age and move toward adulthood the chance increases. A rough estimate is around 15% of the people between the ages of 45 years to 70 years and 30% face this trouble after the age of 70 years.

A reason for hearing loss is the problem in the middle ear and inner ear, and sometimes due to the problem in the auditory channels of the ear. 

Symptoms that you need a Hearing Test

Anyone with a hearing disability will on the first acknowledge the heating defect on its own. below we are providing you with a list of the basic symptoms that one faces during the time of hearing loss. You may need Hearing Loss Treatment in Chandigarh if you have any of these signs.

  • You can notice a need for high pitch volume because of the poor hearings.
  • Not understand the spoken words.
  • Increasing the volume of TV, radio, etc because you are unable to clearly understand.
  • A grinding sound in the ear.

Types of Hearing Tests Performed at Zeneth Healthcare

Zeneth Healthcare is the number one Hearing Loss Treatment in Chandigarh. Our provided hearing tests are recommended in Tricity because we prioritize deep testing of the ear before advising any ear machines.

Ear Anatomy is performed by our expert audiologists. The ear helps in balancing the sound as it contains cell receptors called hair cells. Under this procedure under your ear that is the middle ear, inner, and outer ear. 

For the outer ear testing, we perform the Pure tone test of the Audiogram test. Under this test, the audiologist makes you wear noise-cancellation earphones, and various sounds of different frequencies are played. You are advised to provide a reaction in terms of the signal during the test.

For mid-ear testing, the audiologist of Zeneth Healthcare goes through the procedure of tympanometry. Under this, a small device is put in your eardrum which understands the functioning of an ear canal. 

The inner ear test is also performed by our audiologist which is clinically termed to be the otoacoustic emissions, or OAE. This test understands the sound travel in your ear.

Why to Choose Zeneth Healthcare

Zeneth Healthcare is a reputed center of Hearing Loss Treatment in Chandigarh. Prioritizing the concern of patients we understand the requirements of each patient. You can book your consultation with Zeneth Healthcare. Our associates provide a free consultation phone, the visit is chargeable. A reason to choose our hearing testing center is that we have experienced staff who are always ready to provide resourceful testing. You will find the latest equipment at our place which we use for the purpose of hearing tesh. Another aspect of investing in Zeneth Healthcare for Hearing Loss Treatment is we also offer a range of hearing equipment. You can get your custom-made ear machine in Chandigarh from our service center. 

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